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Boyfriend got another girl pregnant while we were broken up

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Okay here is the deal. I was with my boyfriend for 4 years and we broke up for a period of a month. He asked her what she wanted to do and she has decided to keep the baby even though he has told her that he does not want the child but will support her either way At first my boyfriend was confused and shocked and told me he loved me and wanted to be with me but didn't want me to have to go through him having a baby with another woman. I was out of the picture for a few weeks then we started seeing each other again and we have been for the past 2 months. I've told him that I'm willing to support him and the pregnancy because he wants to be responsible for his actions. He has nothing but a platonic relationship with this woman and goes with her to her Dr.


Dear Bossip: We Broke Up And He Got Another Woman Pregnant

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Log in. Remember Me? Forgot your Password? By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy , and to the use of cookies as described therein. Password By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy , and to the use of cookies as described therein. Forgot Password? Advice please: boyfriend got another girl pregnant. We love each other terribly and just knew we wanted to grow old together. Earlier this year around Jan we decided to take a break, although we still spoke once a while and were intimate, but not much.

We got back together around late April. In June he told me that a girl he had been with while we were on the break was pregnant and said it was his. She was keeping it. This just ruined all of our life plans. She gave birth last week and I found out that she worked around my neighborhood so now I feel betrayed that he would be with someone so close. He told some of his friends, and his parents went to see the baby at the hospital. I know it hurts him too. Does anyone have any advice?

He says he wants to be with me and is scared about being a parent with a woman he barely knows. Last edited by fatsincebirth; at PM. Reason: i'm 24 now. If you are then you have to be all in. It isn't just him anymore there is a child involved. My husband was sued for child support after we had been together a year or so by a women he'd spent about 6 weeks dating before we met. From the start I decided I could only do this if I treated him as if he were my own child.

That was the way he was presented to my parents and they treated him like a grandchild. I treated his mother like an inlaw. Someone I was stuck with long term so I better find a way to get along with. I've had her parents over for christmas dinner. It's all worked out fine and I've been blessed for having him in my life. Truth is life is not a straight line. Stuff happens that you didn't expect. You just dust yourself off, re evaluate what the plan is and start again.

Originally Posted by HadEnough. Whether he and the girlfriend have a relationship he and she are bound fron now on and he will be financially obligated for the next 18 years for child support. Can you live with this?

Last edited by bargoo; at PM. You need to decide if you are willing to make it work with him, and talk to him about it. If I were in your situation and professed to loving him, I would be doing all I could to support him and help him out through this.

He probably regrets his short-term relationship he had with the woman He needs to be involved in his baby's life, but if he loves you that doesn't mean he has to work things out with the baby's mom.

I can see regrets all around with that. That being said, I have 2 little stepkids and they are great and I love them, but having a divided family is a commitment. You will spend at least the next 18 years dealing with the baby's mom and her family This is the worst for me I'm counting down. Child support can cost more than if you were raising the child yourself.

You'll probably end up in court over visitation times and other custody issues also costly. And you're right, there is the constant 'knowing' that he was with the other woman. That is hard for me even, and I didn't even know my husband when he was together with his ex. It's a lot to think about. Hugs to you. I married a man who had 2 little kids, and we love each other. He regrets his past but there is nothing left to do but help him raise the babies!

The kids mom is a witch both to me and him, but she really is an insignificant part of our lives. We see her for a total of 5 or 10 minutes to pick up and drop off kids, and at court dates. We also have a new baby together and it is a wonderful addition and has brought us closer together, knowing that this baby we won't have to ship back and forth, and we can watch her grow up.

I would say go with your instinct here Last edited by Everlasting; at PM. The three of you need to do a LOT of talking! It is true that he and she will be bound for life because of the child and there is nothing you can do about it, it's only a "death sentence" if it's made out to be one.

I've dated plenty of men with children, even though I don't have any of my own. Sometimes the women were nice and we got along, sometimes they weren't. The ones who weren't I just avoided contact with. I mean really, why on earth would I need to have contact with them anyway? This is going to sound harsh, but you need to decide what is the best thing for you As long as the baby is treated right that is. If you want to stay with him then work it out, but you have to decide at what cost to yourself.

If you can't handle the relationship then there is no reason to drag it on and confuse everyone's lives. Thank you everybody for your advice. Is it normal for me to care so much what my family and friends will think about me staying with him? I would worry about the immaturity it took to do both.

I wouldn't be worrying about what others thought. You always hear, "it doesn't matter what others think. You have to do what is right for you.

In time, if your guy is worth his salt your family is going to come to accept him. Total thumbs up on getting into your doctor for a full battery of STD testing. I would insist on it and make boyfriend pay the bill! It's not actually "highly likely" that it was unprotected sex. My neighbor has 2 families. One is a 15 year old boy by a woman he never married.

The older boy's family gave my neighbor a very difficult time for years when it came to visitation. The mother had a nasty temper.

Now that the boy is 15 and difficult to handle, the mother wants to turn full custody over to the father. Just like that. The father took the boy in for the whole summer. That lasted 2 weeks.

The boy got into a terriffic temper tantrum when the dad turned off the TV The father took him back to the mother within an hour. She locked her door and refused to accept the boy back home. He drove away and left the boy standing on the mom's porch. It is best to get a DNA test before telling anyone your boyfriend fathered a child. Many times it turns out the 'dad' is not the father. All good advice above. You might also think about whether you're really wanting HIM, as he is, or someone you've been with for years.

I mean, at this point it doesn't particularly matter that you went to your senior prom together, does it? If he is the father, he needs to be a Dad and not just the sperm donor. You need to decide if you can handle that. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are Off.

Update on long ago situation with boyfriend getting another girl pregnant

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My boyfriend and I lived in different states and after years together, my worst nightmare came true: he cheated on me and ended up having a baby with the other woman. One night, I found out that my long-term boyfriend had gotten another woman pregnant as part of a drunken hookup. How could he do this? How was he going to parent a child with someone he barely knew?

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New readers, welcome to Dear Wendy, a relationship advice blog. She told him she got pregnant on the pill, which I think is a lot of cod wallop. I have tried to encourage him to stay with this woman soley because of this pregnancy, but he wants me and wants to marry me as he said all along, and he is furious with this woman for keeping the baby after only knowing each other two minutes. He told me he will obviously be paying for it but wants nothing to do with her OR the baby. Dude, get away from this guy pronto! He sounds like bad news. Regardless of whether or not he wants to stay with this women he impregnanted, do NOT stay with him yourself! Sue Jones April 9, , am. He sounds a bit flakey.

My boyfriend got another girl pregnant while we were broken up ?

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Discussion in ' Jane Doe Alley ' started by incogneato , Jul 28, Lipstick Alley.

I have been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years. We had been a little on and off because of a problem we had. In the beginning of the summer we broke up and he found someone else simply to fool around with. By then, we had already spoken about getting back together.

He Got Another Girl Pregnant During The Time We Were Broken Up, I Still Want Him

My boyfriend and I were together a year and a half. I am a 32 year old woman This man I just knew was my love from the beginning. That feeling that can't be defined.

Our relationship was mostly good until we hit a rough patch towards the last year of our relationship. We were on and off for few months, and during that time we both dated other people. When we got back together we had a lot of trust issues and found it hard to forgive one another. Months after we broke up, he would come and go as he pleased. We were back and forth and it was very frustrating for me so I gave him an ultimatum I told him that he either wanted to make it work and we move forward, or, that I was leaving to another city to start over without him. We ended up keeping in touch for months and talked about working things out.

My boyfriend got another girl pregnant and I’m not sure I can cope with him having a love child

I went storming off back home and he thought we were over, so decided he might as well go out with his mates. He met up with this girl in the pub. We both know her. She told me about it three weeks ago. I cried and cried when I confronted him about it. He said that night was a mistake and should not have happened.

General chatter - Advice please: boyfriend got another girl pregnant - A a girl he had been with while we were on the break was pregnant and said he had with the woman but if you two had broken up then he may have  Nov 14, - 15 posts - ‎11 authors.

During the time we both were studying for the bar, we were on a break. I feel like a part of me has died. I put so much into this relationship, gave my everything and was super patient, since it was hard for him to get over his failed engagement.







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