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Do you look like your zodiac sign clothes

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Have you ever wondered if your zodiac sign helps dictate your personal style? For the third installment, we will be looking at the water signs Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio and their personal style. Water signs have a romantic and observant nature and will often wear their emotions quite literally on their sleeve. Water girls tend to dress according to how they feel on any particular day.


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What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Style

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According to Dr. Kayse Budd , a California-based astrologer and self-professed fashion fan, consulting the Zodiac can be a fun, playful way to recast your closet.

Here, a celestial shopping guide for each sign to inspire you in While everyone else follows the crowd, Aries is in the front, leading the pack. Heads turn when the fire sign walks into a room—probably thanks to their bold outfit choices. Proceed with caution, though: Budd warns that the often-impulsive Aries tends to go overboard, putting pressure on their bank account. And though Taurus is not normally one to stray too far from their trusted heritage labels, they may be surprised to find their fashion choices take an experimental turn this year, thanks to the subtle influence of rebellious Uranus.

Their closets seem to have revolving doors and are refreshed with each new season. To mirror the frenzy of their busy social calendars, Geminis favor anything with a whimsical, fun pattern, complemented by playful, Surrealist-inspired accessories.

At the end of the day, fashion is just one more outlet Gemini uses to communicate with the world around them. A true hopeless romantic, a Cancer wears their heart on their sleeve.

Preferring not to draw attention, this emotional water sign favors softer silhouettes with a subtle color palette of pale blues, grays, and shades of white. And although power dressing may be the current craze, Budd notes that come , Cancer will prove to be a powerful fashion influence, causing us all to get more in touch with our sensitive sides.

Leos tend to run late, because they spend so much of their time in front of the mirror, getting ready. Considerable thought and effort go into each outfit, making Halloween their favorite holiday. They also pride themselves on their wide knowledge of brands and are constantly on the hunt for the latest names in fashion. That one new designer everyone is talking about now? Chances are, Leo heard about them months ago.

There is far too much work to be done to have an exaggerated shirt sleeve getting in the way. And with their extreme attention to detail, Virgo will never exit the house without double-checking that no blouse has been left untucked, no shoelace is untied, and no stray hair has fallen out of place. Luckily, Libra has a very particular, refined style, so their frequent shopping splurges will still be put to good use years down the road.

Scorpios love to contradict themselves. Their style can be both powerful and sexy, yet still very low-maintenance and simple. While some Scorpios take an interest in clothing, a lot find what they wear to be irrelevant.

They go crazy over embellished and embroidered fabrics, probably owning a flashy sequin dress or two. Perfectly fitting, considering they spend the majority of their nights out on the town socializing. Longing to connect with a higher power, something greater than the culture in which they live, Sagittarius often chooses fabrics and jewelry with spiritual aspects to them, Budd says.

Capricorn is all about functional dressing, this year especially. But best of all? Everyone else is amazed at how Capricorn always manages to look so put-together. No one tells an Aquarius what to do—or what to wear. Aquariuses march to the beat of their own drum, usually following their own impulses about what is cool, Budd explains. Budd says. The most bohemian of the bunch, this water sign is usually drawn toward flowy, ethereal clothing in pearly, iridescent fabrics and colors such as teal, blue, and purple.

Their softer style choices reflect their overall laid-back lifestyle and friendly disposition. Often told they are wise beyond their years, Pisces are very much in touch with their inner emotions and successfully translate their thoughts into art, whether that be paint on a canvas or lyrics to a song.

Funnily enough, Budd cites the ongoing, overall Pisces influence as a possible cause for all the hype surrounding Coachella and festival dressing. Aries , March 21 — April Gemini , May 21 — June Leo , July 23 — August Libra , September 23 — October Sagittarius , November 22 — December Aquarius , January 20 — February Topics Astrology.

How to Dress for Your Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Eyes of the zodiac signs. Being a detective could be the best career option for these zodiac signs for they are the most nosy zodiac signs. The eyes are sometimes big and unsuspecting or agile and scintillating. Often, the head of an Aries man or woman is especially noticeable. That's why Libra is the sign of relating.

Click on your sign to learn more about your stylish year ahead! Simply sophisticated. Capricorns love comfortable pieces with a twist.

She is a natural leader who knows how to keep her cool, stay strong in the face of adversity, and achieve what she sets out to do. Versatile black joggers and a wear-with-anything comfy white sweatshirt are perfect for wherever a casual day may take them. I finished this unfussy look off with a cute-yet-practical cross-body and gorgeous pair of loafer mules. A Capricorn woman is a no-nonsense gal who means business so a sleek and sophisticated look for work or an evening out will appeal to them. Far from boring, the Capricorn woman is all class.

How to Shop in 2018, According to Your Horoscope

Pick an iconic bag that costs more than your rent:. Pick a pair of stylish, yet comfortable shoes:. Pick a cool kid trend you don't understand, but also kinda like:. Which Spice Girl had the best style? Scary Spice. Posh Spice. Ginger Spice. Via Getty Images.

Eyes of the zodiac signs

Breaking news: Swim season is almost here! When it comes time to refresh your swimsuit drawer, you could shop based on Pinterest data, the most slimming styles, or, heck, what Taylor Swift wore on vacation with Calvin Harris. It's a lot of options, right? Realizing that even the most practiced shopper could feel a little overwhelmed, we landed on a major eureka moment: Shop based on your zodiac sign.

Your zodiac sign can say a lot about you. It can even explain why you dress the way that you do.

According to Dr. Kayse Budd , a California-based astrologer and self-professed fashion fan, consulting the Zodiac can be a fun, playful way to recast your closet. Here, a celestial shopping guide for each sign to inspire you in While everyone else follows the crowd, Aries is in the front, leading the pack.


Just admit it; you love watching red carpets events just as much as the rest of us! It's an escape from the real-world that we all need, and honestly, is there anything funnier than laughing at some of the crazier outfits the stars arrive in? What about drooling over the skimpy little dresses and perfectly toned bodies? Those might be even better!

Also, inner beauty is the most important thing for a person to have in their life, but even science says your physical features are a dead give away to personality for people who pay attention to personality and body traits. And a lot of these traits may have to do with your zodiac sign. Now, cliches out of the way, it is true that everyone has a unique appearance. To an extent. Different people of different groups living under similar circumstances will look similar.

Quiz: Which Zodiac Sign Inspires Your Style Choices?: HowStuffWorks

How much do you know about dinosaurs? What is an octane rating? And how do you use a proper noun? Lucky for you, HowStuffWorks Play is here to help. Our award-winning website offers reliable, easy-to-understand explanations about how the world works. From fun quizzes that bring joy to your day, to compelling photography and fascinating lists, HowStuffWorks Play offers something for everyone. Because learning is fun, so stick with us!

All the way up to which celeb do you look like? Want to know which zodiac sign matches your personality? We can tell you! Which Stranger Things character are.

Do you know your signs style? You may have a different style from your own zodiac sign. Take this quiz and find out which signs style you actually have! Created by: miriam. What is your astrological style?

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