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Finding a man with a vasectomy

Interviewer: Six reasons women love men that get a vasectomy. Alex Pastuszak is a urologist and reproductive expert at University of Utah Health, and he's counseled thousands of patients through this decision. And today we're going to find out the top six reasons that women love men that get a vasectomy. Let's just start with number one. Pastuszak: Reason number one, they don't have to think about birth control anymore. I mean, it's one thing less on your to-do list.

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Before You Encourage Your Husband to Get that Vasectomy…

American Idol alum, singer, and real-talk queen Kelly Clarkson recently opened up about how she talked to her hubby about getting a vasectomy after enduring two difficult pregnancies. But in her efforts to make sure she never, ever got pregnant again, her husband also got a vasectomy. This will never happen to me again," Clarkson said on the show. To get a feel for how other women deal with this issue, we asked 10 ladies what they said to their husbands about getting snipped.

We already had three lovely children and our marriage was really stressful. We were just below the middle-class income level, but above the poverty line. Ballet lessons, swim team, and weak attempts to have family vacations were a financial strain. Thinking that college tuition would eventually be added to the mix pushed me over the edge. The way I went about asking my husband was easy: I explained that it was less invasive for a man to get a vasectomy than a woman to get her tubes tied.

I also used a little guilt when I reminded him that I went through the pain of natural childbirth three times! He agreed to do it, and it was the best decision we ever made.

The sex became more frequent and quite amazing. Getting in the middle of something really hot and not having to stop and fumble through the drawers for a condom or trying a new position without worrying that the condom might break was amazing.

We met on a dating site and both of our profiles said we didn't have any kids and didn't want any kids, so we knew where one another stood before we even went on our first date. It was actually really difficult for me to meet men who knew they didn't want to have children. I didn't love the idea of being on birth control for the rest of my fertile years, so about a week after he proposed, I asked if he would consider getting a vasectomy so that we wouldn't have to worry about wearing condoms or birth control pills.

He happily obliged. My husband and I were both basketball players in college, so I joked that we were no longer able to play man-on-man defense and we were playing a pretty weak zone defense. My husband took the bait and asked me if I wanted him to get a vasectomy.

Before he even finished the sentence I was like 'Yes! I was exhausted from keeping up with them and working. When my second husband and I married, it was under the condition that we would not have any kids together. We re-visited the decision after a few years of marriage and decided to have just one. But I made it clear that I didn't want to take the chance of an additional pregnancy beyond the one. So the vasectomy was sort of a condition for getting pregnant with my third child his first.

I was going through the pregnancy and birth, so it seemed like a fair request for him to have a vasectomy rather than me to have my tubes tied. He agreed. So after the birth of our daughter, he had a vasectomy with very little hoopla. It's so much easier for the guy, and I never understand men who refuse to take this birth control measure. Our sex life has never been better. During that pregnancy I developed gastroparesis, a condition that prevents my stomach from emptying properly.

So my main concern was that another pregnancy would wreck my bodily functions further. Plus, at the time, I was married to an immature man-child so it felt more like I was single with two children. When our son was about 8, I told my then-husband that one of us needed to get fixed, as I didn't want to risk getting pregnant again.

I told him that I understood that it was much, much easier for a man to have the procedure. For a woman, the recovery is longer. He half-heartedly agreed with me but never set up an appointment. After about six months, I got tired of waiting, so I made my own appointment to get my tubes tied. I let him know that he needed to take off work that day to drive me to the procedure and back, and to plan on taking care of our son for the next week during the recovery.

His response was priceless: 'What? Everyone will think I'm a chicken for not doing it if you get it done! Cancel it and I'll go. My doctor said he could easily tie my tubes during the fourth C-section , and I told him I was not spending one extra second on the operating table. My husband was getting a vasectomy. It wasn't really a conversation, more of a statement. I said I paid my dues. He didn't argue! We got married really young and I got pregnant with my first child when I was We are still 99 percent certain we're done having kids, but knowing a vasectomy was possible to reverse made it feel less permanent, which made it an easier decision.

After his birth, we were pretty much convinced we could not get pregnant without a lot of help. I tried to go back on oral contraceptives, but after a series of terrible migraines, I stopped taking birth control. We used condoms intermittently, but one of the few times we had unprotected sex, we got pregnant.

It was the surprise of our lives. After our daughter was born, we learned our lesson about having unprotected sex. I tried an IUD again, hated it, and had it removed. Again, I went back on oral contraceptives and had migraines. My husband could see that I was suffering and suggested he get a vasectomy. I hesitated because I didn't want him to be in any pain or have any regrets about having it done.

For a couple of months, we waffled on our decision and used condoms, which both of us didn't enjoy. He went in for a consultation, and it seemed like the right thing to do. He had his procedure on a Friday afternoon and by Sunday he was back to his usual self. He said it was almost painless and it took less than 15 minutes. Now, I've been married for five years and my husband and I are both passionate about fostering kids and adopting rather than having children of our own.

When a close friend of mine became pregnant despite having an IUD, I brought it up to my husband. We talked about it at length together and decided we were not prepared to have an IUD failure. The female options had more health risks, so a vasectomy was the easy choice for us. United States.

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What Men Need to Know About Getting a Vasectomy

Sign up to get NYT Parenting in your inbox every week. Every year, men schedule their vasectomies in conjunction with the N. In fact, at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. Tobias S. In the United States, female sterilization is twice as prevalent as vasectomy, according to estimates from the United Nations — despite the fact that vasectomy is equally effective, less invasive and carries a lower risk of complications.

Or maybe there were pregnancy complications that arose during the birth of your last child and, to avoid such outcomes again, the procedure is needed. So, what do you need to know about vasectomies, and even vasectomy reversal?

You are in a brightly lit room wearing a sterile drape. The sterile drape has a hole in it that your scrotum and penis have been pulled through. You have never felt so exposed. It was your wife who suggested it. But you talked it over with your wife, and it was far less risky than her getting a tubal ligation.

What is a Vasectomy?

See the latest Coronavirus Information including testing sites, visitation restrictions, appointments and scheduling, and more. Fertility Blog. If you and your partner are looking for a permanent birth control method, you may be considering a vasectomy. The decision to have a vasectomy is not one that should be taken lightly. You and your partner should take time to really think about whether it is the right choice for you. If performed under local anesthesia, pain medicine will be administered directly to your scrotum to numb the area. You will be awake for the procedure.

10 Women Share How They Asked Their Husbands To Get A Vasectomy

Ryan Berglund, a urologist at the Cleveland Clinic. Vasectomies are incredibly effective. Men have a less than 1 percent chance of getting a partner pregnant after this procedure. The risks are low.

Traditional vasectomies involve making two incisions along either side of the scrotum. This form of vasectomy leaves almost no visible scarring once healed.

As a year-old construction worker who hadn't entirely ruled out the idea of having more kids someday, James Wade was not the typical vasectomy patient. But one fall morning in , he sat in a doctor's office in rural Eagle River Alaska and—as his wife Shari looked on with their baby boy in her lap—had the tubes that carry sperm from his testicles through his penis delicately snipped. Six years later, as the memory of Shari's brutal first pregnancy faded, he found himself in another doctor's hands, having those severed tubes stitched back together. Within a year came a second son, and a second vasectomy, enabling James and Shari to enjoy their robust twice-a-day sex life without driving hundreds of miles to the nearest town to stock up on condoms.

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Choosing to get a vasectomy is a highly personal decision for most men. Vasectomies are the most effective form of birth control, other than abstinence. And there are relatively few risks associated with the procedure. Richard Jadick, D. The vans deferens, or the two tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the urethra, are pulled out, severed and sealed with clamps. This prevents sperm from getting into the semen and leaving the body to cause pregnancy.

Are Vasectomies the New Condom?

They had chosen to have the vasectomy shortly after the traumatic pre-term birth of a baby. The man suffered from post vasectomy pain syndrome, making it difficult for him to even sit through a 90 minute introductory class without being in pain. Just call the urologist who did the vasectomy, right? He had to travel hundreds of miles to find a doctor willing and able to perform the surgery, and insurance did not cover it. When these procedures require travel, there is also additional risk of complications such as blood clots. In addition to helping the couple plan their family in a natural, healthy way, we continued to work with the couple to assess why the woman had a history of pre-term birth, exploring possible hormonal or other factors. Go ahead. If the situation were reversed and a man was talking about his wife in this way, or if he was pressuring her to be sterilized, most reasonable women would find this misogynistic and disrespectful.

Mar 20, - More men are choosing to get snipped (and they're doing it in March so grad planning on getting his sperm frozen and having a vasectomy.

Back to Your contraception guide. A vasectomy male sterilisation is a surgical procedure to cut or seal the tubes that carry a man's sperm to permanently prevent pregnancy. It's usually carried out under local anaesthetic, where you're awake but don't feel any pain, and takes about 15 minutes.

21 Reasons to Get a Vasectomy

To ease the anxiety, men are starting to turn vasectomies into social activities with friends, getting the procedure done one after another before recuperating together. The urologist Paul Turek has coined a word for this type of social procedure: brosectomy. Turek, who says he pioneered this strategy in at his California clinic, told me the idea came to him while he was surfing and realized that he felt more comfortable riding uncomfortably large waves when he was with his friends.

Vasectomy: What to Expect

A vasectomy is a procedure that makes a man permanently unable to get a woman pregnant. It involves cutting or blocking two tubes, called the vas deferens, so that sperm can no longer get into the semen. Vasectomy may be the safest, most effective kind of birth control. Only about 1 or 2 out of 1, couples get pregnant the first year after a vasectomy.

American Idol alum, singer, and real-talk queen Kelly Clarkson recently opened up about how she talked to her hubby about getting a vasectomy after enduring two difficult pregnancies.


Why Don’t More American Men Get Vasectomies?



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