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No but not many people have bleach blond hair that sticks straight up into the sky, and never goes down. Is that all you can criticize? The whole movie isa gigantic time paradox. IF we pretend it's possible to change time, when Bowler Hat Guy made Lewis's son cease to have been born, how did he manage to exist for 13 years and then turn into smoke?


Meet the Robinsons

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The 47th Disney animated feature film , it was released in standard and Disney Digital 3-D versions. It was the first film released after then- Pixar executive John Lasseter became chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Lewis is an aspiring year-old inventor who grew up in an orphanage , whose inventions have been scaring off potential parents. He works all night on a machine to scan his memory to locate his birth mother, who abandoned him at the orphanage when he was a baby. While taking the scanner to his school's science fair, Lewis meets year-old Wilbur Robinson, a mysterious boy claiming to be a time cop from the future.

Wilbur needs to recover a time machine that a man wearing a bowler hat has stolen. Lewis tries to demonstrate the scanner, but it has been sabotaged by the Bowler Hat Guy and falls apart, throwing the science fair into chaos. Lewis leaves while the Bowler Hat Guy, with the help of a robotic bowler hat named Doris, repairs and steals the scanner. Wilbur meets Lewis at the orphanage and asks him to repair the scanner.

Lewis agrees to do so only if Wilbur can prove he is telling the truth, which Wilbur does by taking them to the year in a second time machine. When they arrive, he and Wilbur get into an argument and crash. Wilbur asks Lewis to fix the time machine, however Lewis realizing that he can simply use the time machine to see his mother instead has another condition: Wilbur has to take him to visit his mother afterwards.

Reluctantly, Wilbur agrees and hides Lewis in the garage. Lewis does not stay there for long, however, and ends up meeting the rest of the Robinson family except for Cornelius, Wilbur's father, who is away on a business trip. The Robinsons offer to adopt Lewis, but change their mind when they learn that he is from the past. Wilbur admits to lying to Lewis about taking him back to see his mom, causing Lewis to run off in disgust. Lewis then discovers that Cornelius Robinson is, in fact, a future version of himself, and Wilbur is his future son.

Because he was kept awake by Lewis' work on the scanner, Goob fell asleep during an important Little League game and failed to make an important catch that cost the game. Goob became so bitter as a result that he was never adopted and remained in the orphanage long after it closed. Doris is "DOR", one of Lewis' failed and abandoned inventions. They both blamed Lewis for their misfortunes and decided to ruin his career by stealing the memory scanner and claiming credit for it.

Leaving Lewis behind, they take off with the scanner, drastically altering the future to a world where Doris' clones have enslaved humanity. Lewis repairs the second time machine, confronts Doris and destroys her by promising to never invent her, restoring the future to its Utopian self. After persuasion from Lewis, Wilbur tries to ask the adult Goob to join the family, but he has disappeared, apparently ashamed at what he has done.

Back in Wilbur's time, Lewis finally meets Cornelius face to face. Cornelius explains how the memory scanner started their successful career, and persuades Lewis to return to the science fair. Wilbur takes Lewis back, but makes one stop first: as he promised, he takes Lewis back to the moment when his mother abandoned him. Though Lewis approaches his mother, he ultimately decides not to interact with her, realizing the family he will come to have with Wilbur and others.

Wilbur drops Lewis off in his own time and leaves. Lewis heads to the fair, but en route wakes up Goob just in time for him to make the winning catch. Back at the fair, Lewis asks for one more chance to demonstrate his scanner, which this time succeeds.

He is adopted by Lucille, one of the science fair judges, and her husband Bud, who nicknames him "Cornelius" and takes him home.

The film ends with a quote which reiterates the message of not dwelling on failures and "keep moving forward", attributed to Walt Disney.

Originally titled A Day with Wilbur Robinson , production began in June , and was scheduled for a release. When he saw an early screening for the movie, he told the director Stephen Anderson that he did not find the villain scary or threatening enough, and suggested that he make some changes.

The villain had improved and was given a new sidekick, a dinosaur chase had been added, and the ending was changed. The Blu-ray also includes uncompressed 5. A 3D Blu-ray was released on November 8, As of January , the DVD had sold approximately 4 million copies. The site's critics consensus states, " Meet the Robinsons is a visually impressive children's animated film marked by a story of considerable depth.

Realmovienews stated that it has "a snappy plot that demands close attention as it whizzes back and forth in the space-time continuum, touching on serious ideas and proposing some rather disturbing alternate realities.

And the witty story twists are handled with rare subtlety and intelligence. In the end it may get a little weepy and inspirational. But it's so charming that we don't mind at all". Urban of Australian Urban Cinefile said that " Walt Disney stood for fantasy on screen and this is a loving tribute to his legacy".

Conversely, A. Scott of The New York Times wrote: " Meet the Robinsons is surely one of the worst theatrically released animated features issued under the Disney label in quite some time", [19] while Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly gave the film a "C" and said "This is one bumpy ride". The soundtrack album was released by Walt Disney Records on March 27, All music is composed by Danny Elfman , except as noted. The song "This Much Fun" by Cowboy Mouth , which was featured in the trailer, was not featured in the film or on the soundtrack.

DisneyToon Studios originally planned to make a sequel to the film, tentatively titled Meet the Robinsons 2: First Date. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the film. For the video game, see Meet the Robinsons video game. Theatrical release poster. Harrington John H. Ford as Mr. Harrington Nathan Greno as Lefty. Main article: Meet the Robinsons video game. Australian Classification. Retrieved November 19, Animated Views.

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List of feature films. Raya and the Last Dragon Disney animators' strike Disney Renaissance. Works of William Joyce. A Day with Wilbur Robinson The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr.

Blonde and raven

The old line about swimmer-turned-movie-star Esther Williams, "Dry, she ain't much, but wet, she's a star," applies perfectly to Meet The Robinsons , the latest and most promising attempt to resuscitate Disney's ailing animation studio. Seen in 2D, it's a pleasing, forgettable little time-waster, shrewdly crossing Nickelodeon's Pixie-stick spazziness with Pixar's crisp, bright toy-box quality. In 3D, however, it's Esther Williams in the pool, a gorgeous, enveloping experience that uses the process to give the images unprecedented richness and depth. Past 3D movies have leaned toward "gotcha" gimmickry, but Meet The Robinsons takes a large step toward making 3D a sustainable format, the CinemaScope of tomorrow. Only theaters with digital projection will be capable of showing it in 3D, but this film might lead others to make the upgrade soon.

Cornelius Robinson , the future father of Wilbur Robinson, is the protagonist of Disney's animated feature film, Meet the Robinsons. Lewis was derived from the original A Day With Wilbur Robinson storybook as a friend of Wilbur that served as the narrator as he visited his friend's large and strange home.

Blonde and raven 26 25 1K 1 Today. Creative title is creative, srsly I felt guilty for not drawing any timecest in ages, and I also had this weird cosplay-idea in my head Combined 2 of my favourite things and got this, oh joy

Lewis (Meet the Robinsons)

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The patriarch of the Robinsons, Wilbur's father, and Franny's husband.

Lewis Robinson who also goes by Cornelius Robinson is the wonderful main character in the extremely underrated film 'Meet the Robinsons' which hit theaters in He can also be found in the video game, Meet the Robinsons. In other merchandise he can be found in toys, books, Disney art, clothing, and pins.

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Subscribe on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , and wherever you get your podcasts! Title: Meet the Robinsons After ruining his reputation with the town, a courageous chicken must come to the rescue of his fellow citizens when aliens start an invasion. Horton the Elephant struggles to protect a microscopic community from his neighbors who refuse to believe it exists. A scheming raccoon fools a mismatched family of forest creatures into helping him repay a debt of food, by invading the new suburban sprawl that popped up while they were hibernating In a robot world, a young idealistic inventor travels to the big city to join his inspiration's company, only to find himself opposing its sinister new management. The story of an uptown rat that gets flushed down the toilet from his penthouse apartment, ending in the sewers of London, where he has to learn a whole new and different way of life. Boog, a domesticated lb.

Feb 20, - Get Meet the Robinsons on Blu Ray: I'm rolling up Also Buddy had blonde hair as a kid so the genes make sense ^^ with the lead being a guy who's HIV+ and gets his kicks "deflowering" virgins.

Cheyenne Reviews. Notify Me. I love Meet the Robinsons, from the beginning at the orphanage to the ending song, every second of it brings me back to being a kid. As an adult, I still enjoy it.

The 47th Disney animated feature film , it was released in standard and Disney Digital 3-D versions. It was the first film released after then- Pixar executive John Lasseter became chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios. Lewis is an aspiring year-old inventor who grew up in an orphanage , whose inventions have been scaring off potential parents. He works all night on a machine to scan his memory to locate his birth mother, who abandoned him at the orphanage when he was a baby.






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