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Indo-Aryan is the term applied to that branch of the Indo-European languages which was brought into India by the Aryans and of which the oldest recorded form is to be found in the hymns of the Rgveda. From this there developed on the one hand a literary medium, called sanskrit which has been the vehicle down almost to the present day of a vast literature and on the other hand a great range of spoken forms which used by hundreds of millions have emerged as the chief language excluding the Dravidian of southern India of the whole of Pakistan, India, Nepal and Ceylon: Sindhi, Lahnda or Western Panjabi, Nepali, Assamese, Bengali, Oriya, Bihari, Maithilli, Awadhi, Hindi and Urdu, Rajasthani dialects Gujarati, Marathi, Konkani, Sinhalese. Indo-Aryan languages with many archaic features-the Kafiri and Dardic dialects-are still spoken in the valleys of the Hindukush on both sides of the Afghan-Pakistan border, while the Gypsies of Europe and Asia, like the Doms of Hunza, still use forms of the Indo-Aryan dialect they brought out of India. In this book, originally planned to be a volume of the Linguistic Survey of India, the author has tried to do for these languages in their development from Sanskrit something of what Meyer-Lubke in his Romanisches Etymologisches Worterbuch did for the Romance Languages and Latin.

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Sea salt spray dm. 16 Best Sea Salt Sprays for Beachy Waves

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Bubble hair is an acquired hair shaft abnormality characterized by multiple airfilled spaces within the hair shaft. It is a result of thermal injury. We report a classic case of year-old female who complained of dry brittle hair of two-week duration. Patient had used hot iron on wet hair twice to straighten hair. Hair microscopy was diagnostic and showed multiple air-filled spaces within the hair shaft. Bubble hair is an acquired hair shaft deformity characterized by bubble-like areas in the hair shaft seen with light microscopy and corresponding cavitary defects with scanning electron microscopy.

Hair appears dry, wiry, with patchy loss of hair due to excessive fragility. It may be associated with other acquired hair shaft defects such as trichorrhexis nodosa and trichoptilosis. A year-old female patient reported to us with complaints of dry hair with excessive fragility of two-week duration. There was history of using hot iron on wet hair to straighten the hair twice over the past one month.

There was no history of using chemicals or any other procedures. There were no similar complaints in the past. There was no family history of similar complaints. There was no patchy loss of hair. Eyebrows and body hair was normal. Hair was not easily pluckable but was brittle. Light microscopic examination of the hair showed spaces within the hair shaft [ Figure 3 ].

These changes were noted in other hair samples and not the one which showed bubbles. Brown et al. Bubble hair is a sign of thermal injury. These spaces can also become filled with water when the hair is wet. Too much heat vaporizes the water in the hair fibre into steam. This vaporization of the water may force the spaces in the hair to expand, eventually turning the hair into a sponge-like structure.

These damaged hairs are weak and brittle as the bubbles destroy the integrity of the fiber. Electron microscopic studies of previously reported cases revealed a loss of cortical cells and medulla at these sites. Under dermatoscopy, dysmorphia of distal hair shaft was observed in bubble hair. In large hair samples, dermatoscopy can be used to highlight hair that warranted closer examination under light microscopy.

Clinically, hair appears to be kinked, break off, and over time, the condition may develop into a localized alopecia. It can be prevented and treated by avoidance of using excessive heat and chemicals on the hair and by cutting off the old damaged hair. Our case presented with a classical history of use of hot irons to straighten hair followed by hair changes.

Along with bubble hair, other shaft abnormalities like trichoptilosis and trichorrhexis nodosa were also noted. There are a few reports of bubble hair in literature. Though it is a common condition, it is rarely diagnosed and reported.

Light microscopic examination is sufficient to make a diagnosis and counseling the patient will prevent repeated injury to hair shaft. Source of Support: Nil. Conflict of Interest: None declared. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

Journal List Int J Trichology v. Int J Trichology. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Address for correspondence: Dr. E-mail: moc. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Bubble hair is an acquired hair shaft abnormality characterized by multiple airfilled spaces within the hair shaft.

Keywords: Bubble hair, hair ironing, thermal injury. Open in a separate window. Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Figure 4. Figure 5. Bubble hair: A case caused by an overheating hair dryer and reproducibility in normal hair with heat. J Am Acad Dermatol. Bubble hair-a possible explanation for its distribution. Int J Dermatol. Gummer CL. Bubble hair: A cosmetic abnormality caused by brief, focal heating of damp hair fibres.

Br J Dermatol. Bubble hair. J Cutan Pathol. Hair diagnoses and signs: The use of dermatoscopy. Clin Exp Dermatol. Mirmirani P. What is your diagnosis? Support Center Support Center. External link. Please review our privacy policy.


It builds a base structure in the hair and able to bunch up the hair nicely enough to aid subsequent styling e. For best results, use on damp hair. Suitable for people with short to medium hair length; Also suitable for females with permed hair.

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For a while now, our customers have been asking us to provide them with a stronger hold styling product. Spiralicious is much thicker than Confident Coils and very gel-like in consistency but does not flake in the hair like many gels can. While it can dry crunchy, that initial crunch scrunches out really easily, leaving the hair very soft to the touch, but the curls hold up all day. No ramen-noodle curls here! One of the best parts about it is the frizz control.

Bubble Hair and Other Acquired Hair Shaft Anomalies due to Hot Ironing on Wet Hair

Those are usually sea salt sprays with fragrances, oils or plain water. The substance then binds to the actual hair for a stiff spiked hold. Try it today for the best wavy look possible. She loves spending time with her kids and loves gardening, projects and chickens. Carry the bottle with you throughout the day for needed touch-ups once your beach waves lose their hold. Wet shaving enthusiast, ex-beard wearer and proud blogger of the Manliness Kit. That is not recommended either. Some of the more commonly used types include citrus and tea tree oil, but you can also find peppermint and thyme as a part of the blend really often. When you find a spray that has clay inside of it, make sure you try it because it will combine all the elements you can find on the beach: sand, salty water and Sun. Then shake your hair gently and air dry.


Some of it comes from confusion — mistaking your hair as curly, not wavy and not seeing the same results reflected in your hair. A lot of it comes from following the wrong tips and styling methods — wrong for your hair type, that is. So, I decided to DM some of my favourite wavy hair care bloggers who are inspiring women everyday with their posts filled with tips and video tutorials and asked them for two things — their top tips on taking care of waves that is different from curly hair routines and their Top 5 Wavy Hair Products! Ps — Not sure what hair type you have?

Created with. In stock.

Bubble hair is an acquired hair shaft abnormality characterized by multiple airfilled spaces within the hair shaft. It is a result of thermal injury. We report a classic case of year-old female who complained of dry brittle hair of two-week duration.

Struggling with Your Waves? Take Tips from These Amazing Wavy Hair Care Bloggers

If you want to capture the "wet" look you've been seeing on celebrities, never fear; it's not very difficult to recreate. It only takes a little bit of prep, and then you'll need to add some kind of product to create the "wet" part of the look. Finish up by styling it to your preference.

So here are my top tips and techniques for juicy clumped hair! I style my hair on dripping wet hair; Soooo soaking wet, that I do my styling in the bathroom itself. Water binds hair. The more the water in your hair while applying products, the fatter the clumps. So whenever I want some volume, I have to wring out excess water and then apply products — that gives me thinner clumps.

5 ways I Get My Curls to Form Fat Chunky Clumps

Nancy Bone Goff. Living during the time of the Great Depression, this poor, uneducated family suffers one hardship after another. As sharecroppers they already have a heavy load to bear, but three years of drought, a fire, and failing crops pushes their faith and endurance to the limits. Just when it seems things can't get worse, young DM loses his arm and his sister develops polio, adding to the family's seemingly insurmountable odds. Yet those who are strong in their faith will withstand any hardship. Relying on an inner strength and will to survive, DM and his family faces each challenge head-on rather than letting it get the better of them. Giving up is simply not a part of their character. In One-Arm Boy in a Two-Arm World, author Nancy Bone Goff realistically captures every aspect of farm life in the rural south, showing readers what it was like during those difficult times.

Dm Loucas. that dark people will be more able to emphasize the American in the term African American. If you take a look at the hair that I have down below, that  Dm Loucas -

We've found the answers. We put our hair through a lot in the name of beauty. While heat styling is often the quickest route to a good hair day, we often pay the price in the form of frazzled cuticles and split ends which, over time, can lead to dry, dull or even thinning hair.







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